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Southpoint Condo & Hurricane Matthew Damage

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Hurricane Matthew

Well, Hurricane Mathew has come and gone and Southpoint Condominiums was spared the damage!

Hurricane Mathew stayed offshore by many miles sparing the whole intra-coastal waterway.  Some advanced models predicted the storm would be direct hit completely wiping out the barrier island…which is where the Condo Vacation Rental sits…shew.  We lucked out!

Even though there wasn’t a direct hit by the hurricane, some of the other coastal condominiums in the Ponce Inlet area did suffer some extensive wind damage.

Within Southpoint, some units, including theCondo, did have some water that made it’s way under their “storm ready” sliding glass doors.  The unit’s that didn’t have “moisture friendly” floors, suffered some damage.

theCondo porcelain flooring

Installing theCondo Porcelain

When theCondo was remodeled 2nd part of 2015, the decision on flooring wasn’t and easy one. We struggled between a hardy laminate, comforting carpet, tile or a combination of all.  In the end, porcelain tile throughout was the “final answer.”

Because theCondo’s flooring consists of porcelain, the water that had gotten inside wasn’t much of issue other than having to dry a throw rug in the living room.

The Beach

The beach out front of Southpoint Condominiums did have some wash-away but nothing too bad.   If you look off the balcony, you’ll get a great view and perspective of how much sand was washed away.

Also, while on the beach or looking over it from the balcony, you’ll notice more seaweed than normal that has washed far up on the sandy beach. Some have said the extra seaweed can be smelled but in all honesty, I barely noticed it and when I did…I enjoyed it. 🙂

Total recovery of the beach out front of the Southpoint condominiums, and all along South Daytona Beach, will come naturally and surprisingly fast.