While on your vacationing and staying at theCondo rental, you may want to get away from the salty ocean and into a heated freshwater pool to cool off!

theCondo has access to a community pool that is shared with the rest of those staying within the Southpoint Condominium.

Below are some of pools features:

The Pool is Heated!

The pool is heated year round! It uses heat pumps to keep the pool heated at ~84 degrees. That said, during the very cold winter days, the heat pumps struggle to keep steady at that warm temperature but rest assured, they’re working hard to keep it as warm as possible!

Because the pool is heated, it’s feels great in the morning to get some aqua aerobics done…warm and easy on the joints yet still giving your muscles a workout.

Convenient Access

The pool has a lift so that anyone with a disability can easily get in and refresh.

The lift is an ADA compliant lift that sits on the west side of the pool…the shallow end of which is 3’ deep.

If you need help getting in or out for whatever reason, sit on the lift and let it do the work! On that same of the pool, there are corner stairs that lead into the pool…one easy step at a time.

More About the Pool

The heated pool has 40,000 gallons of aqua blue water and is surrounded with pavers and pool chairs that recline into the full prone position.

The pool is kept clean with liquid chlorine that is automatically pumped in to keep the pH balance just right.

At night, you’ll be surrounded with LED lighting which creates a fun, creative ambience to close the night out.

The west end of the pool is the shallow end with a depth of 3 feet that has corner stairs leading into the pool along with the aforementioned lift.

The pool deep end is 8 feet deep! It also has a ladder on the deep end to help you get in and out.

The pool is situated on the south side of the building which keeps some part of the pool in the sun most of the day. Most pools in the area are ocean side which no doubt is nice but, they lose the sun in the afternoon because the structure (building, house) blocks the sun’s rays.

Are there Towels and Shower?

There are no towels at the pool available to be sure to bring your own.

While there is no shower in the pool area itself, just a hop and skip towards the beach, you’ll fin an outdoor shower you can use to wash off the chlorine or, and we hope you do, rinse off any sand or body nastiness before jumping in. (see image)

The outdoor shower is located to the right just before the stairs leading to the beach.


Rules, rules, rules; Yep, the pool has rules! Following are the the pool rules and they are pretty standard…those in which you’ll fine at most community pools.

  1. Pool hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
  2. A responsible adult swimmer shall accompany children under twelve (12) years of age.
  3. All persons using the swimming pool do so at their own risk.
  4. All persons must shower thoroughly before entering the pool.
  5. No running shall be permitted in the pool area.
  6. No food. No glass containers or glass objects shall be permitted in the pool area.
  7. Persons using suntan oil, lotion or any other similar substance shall not use pool side furniture unless such furniture is completely covered by a towel or other protective material.
    (see a full list of the property rules here)