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Guest Info

About Me

My name is Paul. I initially came to FL for training and while there, my Mom and Dad visited and fell in love with South Daytona Beach. They purchased a home on the intra coastal waterway and have resided there for years.

I love the small grain sand of the expansive beaches that Daytona has to offer. Even more, I love that the condo is located on a “no-drive” beach offering safety and more room for pedestrians.

The Beach

The beach is a no-drive beach.

No animals are allowed.

Sea Turtle season is between May 15th – October 31st. You may see sea turtle nests ribboned off…please do not disturb.

Beach Related Links

Live Beach Camera (Chrome browser or flash required to view)

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Arrival/Departure Information

Check-in/out Schedule

  • Check-in is 3pm
  • Check Out is 10am

When checking leaving

  • Please return parking pass to front office or leave inside condo in kitchen on counter.
  • Please put key back inside lock-box and scramble code.

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The coffee machine is located in the kitchen…you can’t miss it!

It is a basic coffee machine without a grinder.

Plan on bringing your own favourite coffee and enjoy sipping of hot cup of Joe on the balcony while the sun comes up.


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Contact Info

Please feel to contact me for any reason!

  • Cell: 318-759-7833


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There are two elevators….each a bit slow to close the doors.

If you wish to hasten the door closing process, be sure to push the “door close” button after getting in!

Both elevators access all floors including main and level 1 parking.

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There are TWO grills available on ground level … southeast corner of property. The view while grilling is spectacular … enjoy.

The grills are first come first serve so plan to share! ))

No grilling is allowed on balcony per the Southpoint Condominium HOA rules.

Condo Rules

Please visit “Condo Rules.”

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Noise Policy

The rules regarding noise is simple: If you can hear it outside the condo, it’s too loud.

Please, please be respectful of your neighbors.

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Pool Hours:

  • Opens at 8am
  • Closes at 11pm

The pools is situated so that it has “all day” sun; It is on the North side of the building so that as sun rises east and falls west, the sun shines bright.

The pool is equipped with LED lighting which creates a fun and chill atmosphere as you play in it at night.

Please view all pool rules here.

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Trash / Recycling

There are two dumpsters and one recycling dumpster located on the Northeast side of the parking garage.

Coming out of the elevators, turn right. After exiting through double doors, turn left and walk until you see them.

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TV/Cable/Apple TV/Chromecast

Living Room:

  • The living room TV has Cable, AppleTV & Chromecast (three remotes)

Master Bedroom:

  • The master bedroom is equipped with Cable & Chromecast (two remotes). Use the smaller black remote for channel selection.

Second Bedroom:

  • The second bedroom TV has a powered digital antenna providing local channels. The TV also has a Chromecast attached.


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WIFI Internet Access

theCondo has wifi.

A few days before your arrival, you should have received a link to a “Condo Access” document in which you will receive some detailed information including wifi SSID and password.

If you can’t find that, please contact me or text me from telephone number on short term agreement and i’ll text back the link!

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Condo Access

A few days before your arrival, you should have received a link to a “Condo Access” document.

If you can’t find that, please contact me or text me from telephone number on short term agreement and i’ll text back the link!

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Washer & Dryer

The washer and dryer are stacked and located inside the utility closet to the right just after entering theCondo.



theCondo Washer DispenserThe Ariston washer soap dispenser is labeled 1 thru 3.  There are several programs to choose from and if you’re not sure which to choose, be sure to look at the user guide [link].

  1. Detergent for the wash cycle (powder or liquid).  Liquid detergent should only be poured in immediately prior to the start of wash cycle.
  2. Additives (fabric softeners, etc.)  The fabric softener should not overflow the grid.
  3. Bleach



At first glance, the Ariston dryer control panel may look overwhelming…there are several programs to choose from; Both the washer and dryer suffer from this.

If after taking a closer look at the control panel,  it still isn’t making sense, checkout the dryer’s user guide here [link] and that should clear things up!  If not, don’t hesitate to contact me @ 318-759-7833.

 User Guides

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Local Tides

When the tide is out, the beach is expansive. The ocean leaves behind a “fresh” beach for you to enjoy.

The nearest buoy to theCondo for tide measurement is the “Ponce De Leon Inlet South” buoy…station ID 8721147.

Here is a link for Ponce Inlet Tide Info.

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